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Elevator Booking: 

All residents of 200 Rideau moving household goods and furniture In or Out of the building, or to take delivery of large items, must make arrangements with the Security Supervisor to reserve an elevator for the required Date and Time.

** NEW** Time of day and duration of Elevator Reservations are reduced when one elevator is Out-of-Service.  Reservations must not exceed 2 hours during the day, and 3 hours in the evenings after 7 pm.  The Elevator will not be available before 10 am or from 3 pm to 7 pm daily.  All moving activity must end by 11 pm.  Please inquire with the Security Supervisor for more information and suggestions on working with reduced hours.  This also applies to Renovations and contractors. ** NEW **

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Terms and Conditions: 
  • Option 1 - Download and print out the Service Elevator Agreement, complete and sign as required, then submit in person to the Security Supervisor (Mon to Fri 7am-3pm), a minimum of one week prior to the move.
  • Option 2 - Review the Service Elevator Agreement, online and agree to the terms, return to this page, complete the Request Form above, then Submit the Form, a minimum of one week prior to the move. This submission will be deemed to be your signature on the Agreement.
  • All Unit moves and large item deliveries must be made through the P1 Garage Entrance using Elevator 3 only (furthest on the left) as shown in the photo above.  These items must never be brought through the lobby.
  • Please ensure that everyone involved in your move follows the required COVID-19 protocols that have been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your moving date has been booked.


The above Form will simply send an email requesting the selected Date and Time.  All fields with a asterisk (*) must be completed or the request will not be sent. This is a secure website and does not share any information submitted in this request.

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