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Register Complaint: 

All Residents and Owners of 200 Rideau are encouraged to Register a Complaint with Security for any infractions that disturb the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the property, including Excessive Noise (during the quiet hours of 11PM to 7AM every day), Smoke or Water entering their Unit, Abusive Behaviour encountered in the common areas, or other disturbances or Violation of the Rules as defined in the Condominium Guide.

Complaint Form


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Photos: Please email any photos as evidence if available to Security.

Terms and Conditions: 
  • Option 1 - Download and print out the Register a Complaint Form, complete and sign as required, then submit in person to the Security at the Front Desk.  Ask security to immediately verify the disturbance if it is still in progress, and then sign where indicated on the Form.
  • Option 2 - Review the above Form online and agree to using the online version, return to this page, complete the Complaint Form above, then Submit the Form. This submission will be deemed to be your signature on the Complaint.  Call Security at the Front Desk (613-241-4440) and ask them to immediately verify the disturbance if it is still in progress. Security will then enter the verification into the Security Log.
  • Note that Residents have the option to call Security first to verify the disturbance, then follow up the next day either in person or using the online Form.
  • Please ensure that all fields have been completed.  Please fill in the Comments Section to assist in identifying the source of the disturbance.  All information supplied is confidential. Your name and Unit Number will not be disclosed to the Offending Unit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your Complaint has been Registered. You may be contacted for follow up questions.


The above Form will simply send an email to Register the Complaint.  All fields with a asterisk (*) must be completed or the request will not be sent. This is a secure website and does not share any information submitted in this request.

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