Bicycle Storage

Bike Racks

Storage Space in the Garage for Bicycles: 

Each Unit is entitled to two Bicycle Rack Storage spaces in the garage. Please complete this form to apply for a new Bicycle Rack assignment or to Renew your existing rack assignments.  A one time refundable administration fee of $50 per space is required for each Bicycle Rack space. There are no fees on the annual renewal.

Request Form




Terms and Conditions: 
  • Option 1 - Download and print out the Bicycle_Storage form, complete and sign as required, then submit in person to the Security Supervisor (Mon to Fri 7am-3pm), along with your deposit (if applicable).
  • Option 2 - Review the relevant document from Option 1 online and agree to the Terms and Conditions that are included, return to this page, complete the Request Form above, then Submit the Form. This submission will be deemed to be your signature on the Agreement.
  • Any fees or deposits that are required as part of the the Agreement must be paid in full to the Security Supervisor at Front Desk (M-F, 9 AM to 3 PM.), in order to secure your assigned rack space.
  • Please go down to the garage to confirm your rack assignments before submitting a renewal request.
  • Please download and complete this Refund Form if you no longer require your assigned Bicycle Rack space(s).
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been processed.


The above Form will simply send an email Requesting or Renewing the selected Rack Spaces.  All fields with a asterisk (*) must be completed or the request will not be sent. This is a secure website and does not share any information submitted in this request.

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