Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Alarm

What do we do if the Fire Alarm goes off?
You must take the stairs to the nearest exit – that is the law. The alarm renders the elevators inoperable. Be safe – evacuate. If you need assistance from the Ottawa Fire Department, be sure to register with the Front Desk and/or the Fire Department. Once authorized by the Ottawa Fire Department, the Front Desk will broadcast an 'all-clear' message for you to return to your home.

Water Damage Emergency

Who do I call if there is a Water Emergency inside my Unit?
First, contact the building Superintendent through the Front Desk at 613-241-4440 weekdays from 7 AM to 3PM, otherwise call Urgency Service 613-234-4449 after hours and on weekends. The Superintend and /or the Emergency Services will prevent furthur damage, cleanup any surface water, and send a preliminary report to Reid Management. They may also leave dehumidifying equipment running inside your unit if necessary. This very noisy equipment will likely need to run continuously for several days to dry out your unit and prevent the formation of mold.

What is the next step while the Emergency Cleanup is in progress?
Second, contact Mike Fraser  at Reid Management, call 613-738-4646 Ext.6. to discuss the preliminary report and to answer any questions. If the water was determined to be coming from a neighbour's unit, you will be provided with their contact information. If the building's plumbing was at fault, a quotation from Servicemaster will be provided to repair your unit. In all cases call your insurance company to report the incident and for immediate assistance.

Who pays for my Hotel Room if my unit is deemed to be Uninhabitable?
Regardless of how the water entered your unit or who is responsible, always call your insurance company first to report the incident and to get their approval to book alternate accommodations if required. You may need these accommodations for several weeks depending on the extent of the damage. Your insurance company will settle the claim with your neighbour's insurance, the condo corporation, or pay for the repairs after their investigation is complete.

Won't my Insurance Premiums go up if I make a claim?
Unlike car insurance, home insurance premiums are based on your location, unit size, and building history. Rates are unlikely to change as a result of any one claim - even if you are at fault. Note that owners are responsible for their own deductible amounts and must ensure that their policy provides adequate coverage for water damage liability.

Can I use my Preferred Contractor to repair my unit?
Yes in most cases, but you may have to pay any difference in cost over the insurance provided contactor. If the condo corporation is responsible for the damages, you can accept a cash settlement based on the quotation from Servicemaster. Note that repairs can often be completed quicker through a private contractor.

Who is Responsible to Follow Up on the repairs to my unit?
Once the contractor been selected you would be well advised to monitor the work very closely to ensure that repairs are completed to your satisfaction. Work directly with the contractor and visit the site often, or if you live out-of-town, have someone that you know and trust to inspect the work in progress. You are also responsible to ensure that the contractor follows all of the condo's Renovation Rules.

Can my unit be Upgraded while repairs are being completed?
Absolutely, many owners take this unfortunate opportunity to upgrade their unit, replace with better materials, or have renovations completed. You will need to ask the contractor for quotations and pay for any upgrades.

Front Desk Inquiries

How do I reserve a Visitor's Parking space for my guest?
Passes are obtainable from the Front Desks and must be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle. Passes are valid for a maximum of 3 consective days and expire at 12:00 pm (midnight) on the stateded expiry date. Only Registered Residents may apply, however Residents and Owners are prohibited from using Visitor Parking.

How do I reserve an elevator to move in to the building?
A Service Elevator Agreement must be signed at least one week before a move. Forms are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website. There is no charge for use of the elevator. On moving day, Security will open the garage door, pad the elevator and put it on service, and disconnect the P1 Door alarm and closure. See more information in Section 4.5.4 in the Condo Guide.

Do I need a reservation to hold a small party in the Lounge?
Any party of 8 or more people or any size group consuming alcohol must make a reservation for the lounge. Forms are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website. The Lounge, Front Terrace and BBQs are open from 7 AM until 11 PM daily, unless reserved for a private function on that day.

How much advance notice is required to reserve the Lounge?
Reserve the Lounge at least 3 days in advance through the Security Supervisor. Forms are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website. An $80 cleaning fee and a $500 refundable damage deposit is required at the time of booking.

Do I need a reservation to watch a movie in the Media Room?
No, you do not need a reservation and there are no fees or deposit required. Just ask at the 200 Rideau Front Desk to see if the room is available, then fill out the Usage Agreement and sign-out the access FOB. Forms are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website.

Can I bring food and drink into the Media Room?
Yes, food and drinks are permitted in the Media Room, however, if damages or cleaning costs are incurred the Corporation will effect repairs and charge the costs back against the unit. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Will the Front Desk receive my delivery while I am away?
Yes, the Front Desk accepts small parcels on your behalf but is not authorized to sign for them. Parcels received will be stored in the locked cabinets in the lobby. A web based Search Tool is available for residents to check if a package has arrived or they can check the Arrival Display at the front desk. Please see the Welcome Booklet for large items delivered through the garage door.

Smoking and Noise

Is smoking allowed anywhere in the building?
No smoking of any kind is permitted anywhere in the building except in private units. Residents are required to contain all by-products from tobacco or marijuana use to within the boundaries of their own unit.

What can I do if a strong cannabis odor is coming into my unit?
A resident or owner identifying undesired smoke or vapour in the common space or in their own unit, should notify the Front Desk and complete a confidential Resident Complaint Form which are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website.

What can I do if there is a very noisy party down the hall?
This is residential building and Noise Disturbances after 11 PM Will Not Be Tolerated. Call the Front Desk 613-241-4440 to register a complaint giving your name, your unit and the offending unit or fill out the online form through this website. Please see "Noise Complaints" in the Welcome Booklet for more details.

Short Term Rentals

How can I book one of your Units online for a week or two?
This is a residental building. Short term rentals are not allowed at any time. A lease or tenancy agreement with a Unit Owner, shall be for an initial term of not less than six months and all tenancies for units shall be in writing.

Who should I notify if I see an Ad for a short term rental?
Please email a link to the Ad to Mike Fraser. We will contact the unit owner to have the Ad removed, Security may question anyone unknown to them, entering or leaving the building even if they have a FOB. Unregisted vehicles using the unit's designated parking spot may be towed.

What can we do if we booked here unaware of the rules until arrival?
We appreciate your honesty. Please notify the front desk indicating the Unit number, length of stay, and a link to the Ad that you used for the booking. We will contact the Owner to investigate (without disclosing your name). You will be allowed to stay for the duration of the booking in return for your cooperation. These actions will prevent this from happening to someone else.

Pet Inquiries

Are pets permitted in the building?
Pets are permitted, but dogs may not exceed 25 pounds. Pets must be leashed at all times in common areas. Pets are never permitted on the 3nd floor Terrace common areas or on the Second-Floor gravel areas. Please see the comprehensive Condominium Guide for details and rules for Service Animals.

Do I need to register my pet with the Property Manager?
Yes, all pets must be registered with the Property Manager. Forms are available at the Front Desk or can be downloaded from this website. Please see Section 4.1.10 of the comprehensive Condominium Guide for a complete list of pet rules and restrictions.

Unit Maintenance

Why doesn't my air conditioning work this spring?
This building can only provide either heating or air conditioning. Changeover is done in the late spring and late fall. We are required to provide heat until the 1st of June or until there has been at least a week of overnight temperatures above +10 C. There will be a notice indicating that switchover has started - a process that takes 3-4 days.

What maintenance is required by the Owner/Resident of a unit?
The owner/resident of a unit is responsible for the following: 1) Clean out the two dryer filters, one inside the dryer door, and the second mounted on the wall above the dryer, after every few loads. 2) Change the air filter in the fan coil unit every 3-6 months. 3) The fan coil should be serviced every 3 years. Please review the "Unit Maintenance" section of the Welcme Booklet and see the "Unit Maintenance Guide" available on this website for more information.

Why does my toilet seems to be constantly running or flushes randomly?
Toilets are a common source of water wastage with a serious cost to everyone. Please report this problem to the front desk and they will arrange to have your toilet inspected. Most common problems can be repaired at no cost to the owner.

Who should I call if my sink is draining very slowly or plugged?
Please contact Mike Fraser (Property Manager) and he will arrange to have a plumber investigate the problem. You can also call the 24 hour urgency number 613-234-4449 after hours and on weekends. You will not be charged if the source of the blockage is beyond the plumbing within your unit.

Why is the water pressure so low in my kitchen sink?
Please contact Mike Fraser (Property Manager) to investigate if the water pressure is low in all of your sinks, showers, and bathtub. Otherwise your faucet is likely the problem, In 90% of cases, the aerator (mesh) at the end of the spout has accumulated debris and can be easily cleaned. Simply un-screw the aerator, remove and clean all of the screens and washers, then reassemble. If that didn't work, call your favourite plumber or handyman at the owner's expense.

Forms on Website

Where can I get a copy of the Forms that are mentioned above?
Many of the Forms that you will need are now available on this Website on our About Us Page. Please download, fill in as required, and bring it to the Front Desk for Approval and further processing.

More FAQ coming soon.