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This website has been developed by your Board of Directors as a useful Information Portal with Quick Links to important Documents and Forms for all Unit Owners, Residents and Prospective Residents can be found on our About Us Page.

Pool IconPool Reopening
The Pool will reopen on Saturday, September 30th at 12 noon to all residents of 200 and 234 Rideau.  Note that the pool may need to be closed again for a few hours sometime next week while the deck tile is pressure washed.  Please see this Notice for more information.

Omicron pngCOVID-19  Update
A new strain of COVID is on the rise in the city. Ottawa Public Health has recommended that the elderly and vulnerable members of the public should wait for a new vaccine that will be available this fall. Please continue to be vigilant when using the amenities and other common areas.

Delivery IconParcel Search Link
The Parcel Search Application Link for residents to check on their deliveries is now a Main Menu Item at the top of all pages on this website. Just key in your Unit Number then hit Enter from your phone or computer.

No Trash IconBalcony Litter is Very Dangerous
Residents are reminded not to throw anything from their Balconies as it poses extreme danger to the residents below. Please be careful not to leave any small articles unattended on your balcony, as the winds can be very strong resulting in danger to your neighbours below.  Please see this Notice for more details and plans on reducing this risk.

Bike IconBikes on the Elevator
The Board has agreed to allow bikes on Elevator 3, accessed through the P1 parking level, until November 1, 2023. The moving pads will be left installed in the elevator during this period.  Bikes are not permitted to be moved through the lobby, left in the hallways, or stored on balconies....more.

building iconCondominium Guide and Welcome Booklet Updates
New Versions of the Condominium Guide and Welcome Booklet (2023-05-10) are available.  These publications describe the rules, policies, and procedures, with references to the Ontario Condominium Act of 1998, and include necessary information to ensure the enjoyment and security of all owners and residents at 200 Rideau.

security alertBike Thefts
Management has recently taken steps to improve security in the garage. Unfortunately, we often see an increase in Bike Thefts in the Springtime. Thieves have been known to discreetly cut several bike locks on a single day, only to return to quickly steal all of the unlocked bikes at a later date. Residents can help prevent thefts by checking on their bikes often, by using two locks to secure their bikes to the racks, and by reporting any suspicious activity immediately to security (613-241-4440).

Form IconRegister Complaint
All Residents are encouraged to Register a Complaint online or with Security for any activity that disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the property. Excessive Noise, Abusive Behaviour, Intimidation, Suspicious Activity, Smoke Entering Unit, or any Violation of Rules as defined in the Condominium Guide.  Management requires a Registered Complaint in order to take the necessary corrective actions.

No Bugs IconPest Control Measures
The cooperation of Residents is required to maintain a pest free building. Prompt action by Residents together with professional pest control measures will ensure a pest free environment.
Please follow these simple steps:
1) Report any pest activity immediately.    2) Do not use any off-the-shelf products.
3) Regionex will be called to treat your unit. 4) Follow preparation instructions exactly.
5) Maintain your unit in an acceptable sanitary condition.

Front Desk IconFront Desk Online
Residents can Search for Parcels, submit requests to Book Amenities, Reserve the Elevator for moving, or Register Complaints through this website. Simply follow this Front Desk link or select "Front Desk" from the Menu at the top of this page.

Lobby TreeSocial Committee
The Social Committee is planning to hold more events this year for the enjoyment of all residents of 200 and 234 Rideau.  Please contact socialcommitteerideau@gmail.com  if you would like to become a member, make suggestions, or to help out at the next event.

security alertSecurity Alert
Management has added more cameras to the garage area to help prevent thefts, but security needs your help to prevent criminals from entering the building.  Contact security immediately (613-241-4440) if you notice suspicious activity.  Please see this Security Notice on Preventive Measures to help reduce crime.

Reno IconRenovation Approval Form
All renovations are required to be approved by the Board of Directors before the start of a project. Please download and complete this new Renovation Approval Form, then submit it to Mike Fraser along with the required documentation for the approval.  Appendix A of this Form, includes a Renovation Guide to assist in the planning stages of a Renovation.

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